Glanris has developed a green, low-cost, filtration media that can radically change the cost of ensuring clean water globally.

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Water Crisis

The world’s access to clean water is at a tipping point. According to McKinsey & Co., by 2030, demand for water will exceed sustainable supplies by 40%. Water recycling and access to low-cost filtration methods are essential parts of addressing this global problem.


Glanris Media

Glanris has developed a green, low-cost, hybrid filtration media from rice hulls that provides the adsorptive properties of activated carbon (GAC) and the metals removal capacity of ion exchange resins. Compared to these media, Glanris is:

Better – It is a hybrid and can remove organics like GAC but it can also remove metals, something GAC alone cannot do.

Faster – It can achieve in a single pass what others require multiple passes through mixed media to achieve

Cheaper – It is far less expensive (1/10th the price) to produce, ship and dispose of than any other media