Glanris has created a green, ultra-low-cost water filtration media from rice hulls, a by-product that farmers today either burn in their fields or pay to have hauled away to landfills.  Neither are environmentally sound practices.  

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Glanris Media

Through our patent pending process we convert rice hulls to a hybrid media that can filter organics like activated carbon, but also metals like ion exchange media

Glanris Advantages

  • Significantly lower cost

  • Unique properties of both GAC and Ion Exchange resin

  • Replaces multiple technologies with one Glanris product

  • Green, sustainable, no harsh chemicals used to produce it

  • Straight replacement fro GAC, no new hardware required.

  • Made in the USA

  • Effective removal of heavy metals, chlorine and organics

  • Effective with oil/grease, unlike RO

  • Can be regenerated without strong acid at a much lower cost


Compared to GAC:

  1. Far superior metals removal capacity

  2. Operates in a wider pH range

  3. Greater sediment reduction

  4. Easier, lower cost disposal

  5. Superior chlorine removal

  6. Highly selective for metals vs. calcium


“the world's only green technology for water filtration”



The basic strengths of our media are the ability to remove a broader spectrum of contaminants than other media, a totally green footprint, low cost, the ability to help farm economics by adding value to a crop component that was previously being discarded. Additionally, because the material is rice-based, it is readily available in the poorest parts of the world where water scarcity is often critical.

The ramifications of our media immediately open avenues to solve problems with drinking water, the environment, industry, municipalities, health care and even water-shortage issues.

One of the crucial things to understand water is that it is an unstable, unreliable, ever-changing substance with a natural force to seek out and absorb contaminants. Because of this water presents challenges in every aspect of human existence. It is impossible to determine what one magical problem Glanris is trying to solve.

The proper way to think of Glanris, that is to say, our objective is to provide the world with a new tool that can be applied to better solve as many of our water challenges as possible. Like a mechanic who carries a tool box, those who solve water problems carry a tool box.

Our goal is:

  • to dramatically decrease the cost of cleaning water

  • to make treatment economical in places where it previously was not possible

  • to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of water treatment which currently relies heavily on fossil-fuel based products.